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AutoGuide.com 03-26-2019 07:21 PM

Porsche Taycan Release Date
Anyone thinking about getting a Porsche Taycan?

Saw this on TaycanEVForum and it looks like it's legit now.

"I can't speak for the source of this info, but it's the first details we've had on an actual Porsche Taycan Release date!

The info comes third hand from a Porsche dealer or corporate employee... it's not clear.

It looks like it will be roughly a one year wait until the first deliveries take place. January 2020 is when it's expected to make it into dealerships.

The car will debut in production form in September of this year, which makes sense. I expect they'll debut it at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

In late summer those who put down deposits will be asked to properly configure their specific model. Presumably some versions will already be mostly built by then. Porsche was expecting to sell 20,000 Taycans a year, but they were surprised by interest and plan to double that number.

Maybe the most surprising news is that Porsche has actually closed the order books - although I find that hard to believe. Reading on Twitter I found one person who put down a deposit and they said their Seattle dealership already had 150 deposits!"

shawnmicheal125 04-10-2019 06:01 AM

Thanks for sharing

Allen6276 04-20-2019 11:25 AM

The new Porsche Taycan electric four-door saloon has been teased again, with the German brand releasing a handful of official images to mark the car's final phase of testing. The Taycan is set to be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September before going on sale in 2020

epicVIN 02-15-2020 04:54 AM

What a great thing!I have never heard about it and I wish I were there to see it in a real life

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