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Auto Express’ NSX Guided Tour

We’ve seen plenty of NSX test drive reviews and in order to stand out, Auto Express has uploaded a NSX guided tour on YouTube. Their model is equipped with a carbon fiber spoiler and optional ceramic brakes.

He first points out the hints of Ferrari 488 in the styling, especially from the side and it’s really no surprise as Honda/Acura used a Ferrari as a benchmark during the R&D phase of the NSX. Incredibly, the NSX has 10 radiators and it looks “so squat” with a ground clearance of 94mm and an overall height of 1214 mm.

Most of his complaints comes from the NSX’s interior quality. The design is quite nice as is the leather material, but a few of the interior features reminds him of a Honda Civic. There’s the hard plastics, average key fob design, touch sensitive buttons on the infotainment screen are hard to use, and the Garmin sat nav doesn’t come standard. The interior just isn’t made for practicality as there’s hardly any storage space and the trunk has an odd bump in the middle.

But, that’s not what buyers are getting the NSX for. The hybrid powertrain and 9 speed automatic gearbox works very well and the visibility is amazing.

You can watch the full guided tour below and let us know what you think.

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