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NSX Could Spawn More Models

Honda’s NSX really will be a halo car if what Ted Klaus, chief engineer for the NSX, talked about is true.

In an interview with AutoCar, Klaus has revealed that further development for the NSX is underway and now that the base model has been completed, they can look towards using the platform as a way to “start to dream of new technologies”. The new technologies could possibly include a convertible, lightweight, non-hybrid and all-electric versions of the NSX and one of them will probably sport the Type R badge.

So far, the base model will be reaching buyers this fall and it comes with a hybrid powertrain only. Its twin-turbo 3.5-litre V6 engine and three electric motors will be making a combined output of 573 hp. If they were to produce these NSX variants in their new Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio, we could be seeing a similar power output in the future models.

What we can expect to see is a lighter body on the new variants like the one Honda entered into the recent Pikes Peak rally in the United States. Klaus said that the lightweight body was “the general direction we wish to go” with the NSX. Perhaps more carbon fiber will be used, like the recently unveiled NSX GT3?

Maybe a petrol only NSX is in the future too as there’s “nothing in the way of it (NSX) being non-electrified”. Paired with a lighter body and they could be sitting on a Type R version, especially since the original NSX has been over-engineered for various powertrains and even more power.

We’re not certain which variant is coming and at this point, they’re all a likely candidate for production.

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