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I don't think the RLX will be getting design notes from the Precision concept.
Automobile Mag had a Q&A session with Acura's global creative director Dave Marek.

Automobile: The latest RLX was not well received. Does Acura, and do you, retain a desire for a large premium sedan in the RLX vein?

DM: I think we want to embrace Precision Crafted Performance, which indicates lower, wider, more sporty feeling, and more emotional styling and cars, so we don’t really want to do a traditional luxury car [again]. We want to do more of a modern, sporty premium car. You should always know it’s Precision Crafted Performance. It’s in our nature, I’d say fun, to make more sporty, stylish, racing heritage cars.
From the sounds of it, Acura will not be releasing a luxury sedan like the RLX. I could be wrong but is Acura is trying to go for sporty cars hearkening back to it's racing heritage a sedan may not be the way to go.

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