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Car and Driver has an interview with some designers of the Precision Concept that gives us some insight as to what elements of the concept sedan are likely to eventually make it to market.

According to lead exterior designer Michelle Christensen, who also served as the lead exterior designer of the NSX, it’s intended to clarify Acura’s mantra of “Precision Crafted Performance,” for both internal and external purposes. “Coming off of [the NSX launch] we wanted to look at our lineup and design language and reassess where we’re going. We had every intent to trickle the NSX design elements and soul into our products, so we wanted to make a vision car not only to show the world what our intentions are, but also to have a muse in the studio to inspire our designers and get everyone on the same page.”
“We’re applying as much of this as possible, from the actual design theme to the proportion to the technology, the lighting, and especially the new grille. The name of the new grille is the ‘diamond pentagon.’ The general shape has a diamond shape and also the details in the mesh have radiating diamonds. That’s a theme that we’re carrying into production for sure.”
Perhaps the highest priority, Christensen said, is a change in proportions to low and wide.
“The way I see it,” Christensen said, “is that I think we have great products, and at the core they’ve always had this performance in there, I just think that maybe it hasn’t been loud enough or it may not have been consistent across the board. I think now we’re really bringing the soul out and turning the volume up full blast.
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