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What is the internet saying about the Acura Precision Concept?

Reading a Jalopnik write up on what people are saying about the Acura Precision Concept.

- "it looks like a Mazda."

- "Hondaís luxury brand is finally ditching that absurd and much-hated beak shield grille. Thatís a good thing. Itís gotten to the point where that grille looks entirely shoehorned onto every sedan and CUV in the lineup. This angular, almost heart-shaped V-grille with the Acura logo in the center is far more tasteful."

- "Obviously, weíre unlikely to see a production Acura that looks exactly like this (unless Acura pulls a fast one on us) but Iíd love to see future Acura sedans keep that tapered shape, kind of like the Audi A7."\

Is Acura's*Precision Concept A Big Design Win Or A Misfire?
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