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FastAndFurious 07-06-2016 08:49 AM

Pure Gas Acura NSX
Since Acura has come out with an all electric NSX, someone decided to go in the opposite direction and create a render of what a full gas model would look like.


RedNSX 07-07-2016 08:58 AM

Doubt Acura will release a non-hybrid NSX, that would require a huge overhaul of the powertrain and chassis to remove the unneeded batteries and motors. The engine will need to be switched out for a full combustion engine and it's just not worth the effort on their part, especially with the new eco friendly automotive movement.

|\|SX 07-07-2016 12:10 PM

Only way they'll do it is when it comes to racing but at this rate it only makes sense to go hybrid at the very least, then of course EV... and we seen that. Hybrid and EV powertrains support their overall goal better than something only running a gasoline engine.

Shawn 07-07-2016 12:19 PM

Even when it comes to racing, I don't see it happening. We've been seeing way too many advancements in hybrid and EV technologies that show superior benefits going with a hybrid system.

RedNSX 07-08-2016 08:50 AM

Once they manage to reduce the weight of the batteries and motors, EV and hybrids will be superior because of the fast torque delivery they provide. The NSX winning a race at pikes peak is testament to that. Maybe they'll come out with a different model just for gas but Acura won't be modifying the NSX for that.

NightWing 07-08-2016 09:20 AM

Agreed, but I'm not too sure if they'll really waste time going for high performance ICE engine strictly anymore. It kind of seems like walking backwards

RedNSX 07-11-2016 08:57 AM

That's what the NSX GT3 is, basically an all gas NSX and if it was ever tuned for commercial sale, it'll probably silence those nsx enthusiasts.

|\|SX 07-11-2016 05:03 PM

Even without reducing weight hybrids/EV's are still superior, have you looked how at how power is delivered and how instant it is? Compare that to something in a similar segment running a gas engine.

Shawn 07-12-2016 08:00 AM

Instantaneous torque is all that really needs to be said. The efficiency is incredible, with the mind-numbing performance that we thought wasn't even possible like 10 years ago. As time goes on and we start receiving full electric hypercars, an ICE vehicle won't be able to come anywhere close to them

RedNSX 07-12-2016 09:05 AM

It wasn't the power people were complaining about, they just weren't a fan of the AWD, body weight and the sound of the engine. These could be easily fixed by going all gas even though torque will be lost in the process. Old NSX enthusiasts just can't get over those three things, not enough to see the instantaneous torque.

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