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1fastAcura 09-26-2016 04:24 PM

Unless they have future plans for that.

Motorsports is almost always used as a test bed for production, it's one of the best ways to monetize off of the millions they already spend, motorsports isn't cheap.

RedNSX 09-27-2016 10:08 AM

Motorsports is partly funded by sponsors and partly by the automaker, one gets advertisements and the other gets to develop prototype features that they can trickle into their production lineup. from the looks of the Honda Ligier JS P2 , I really don't see what they can take from it to use in the NSX.

Shawn 09-27-2016 10:17 AM

I don't either.

But obviously information from motorsport to production gets spread around and what not, that's a given. But like @RedNSX said, motorsports is funded by different people. There's technology and hardware that a certain company that's providing sponsorship will put into these cars that production R&D will never touch.

jdmnsx 09-27-2016 04:49 PM

That's true, currently there's nothing to pull from it but of course future considerations are always on the table, just have to keep an eye on what they have planned, any news announcements, etc.

FastAndFurious 09-29-2016 10:01 AM

going to be interesting to see what Michael Shank Racing will do to the NSX as they earlier this year at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

Shawn 09-30-2016 10:33 AM

Not too sure.. as much as they can while staying within spec. I guess

RedNSX 10-03-2016 10:07 AM

I know nothing about their engineering team but maybe we'll see their familiar, red, white and blue livery on the NSX.

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