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Shawn 07-09-2016 08:20 PM

Yup, it'll make it really interesting to see how the NSX deals with corners especially now. Without the front motors to aid in pulling in and out, it should change the dynamics quite drastically

NightWing 07-10-2016 01:22 PM

It'll definitely be lighter though, and with the added aero, it should still hold the front end down well, I don't think they'll have too much of an issue on it. I just want to see how it'll hold up to the likes of the other manufacturers

|\|SX 07-11-2016 06:06 PM

It also depends on so many other variables like tires, suspension, just about everything and we don't know a lot of it. But of course, as you can imagine they invested a lot to ensure it will do its job as best as it can.

These cars aren't cheap, some get around the $500,000 mark, maybe more.

Shawn 07-12-2016 08:58 AM

I think there's a lot more than that, considering the amount of research and development needed. One off parts, the whole nine yards when it comes to these motorsports.

|\|SX 07-12-2016 02:17 PM

I wouldn't doubt that at all. Plus it take whole teams to make this happen along with all the resources they require. All that aside from the engineering, research and development side of things.

NightWing 07-13-2016 10:12 AM

Exactly.. everybody up and including the coffee runners are all on a payroll. That and the price of the vehicles of course. For example, purchasing a Camaro and using it for GT3 compared to purchasing a Lamborghini or McLaren and using it for GT3 lol

Shawn 07-13-2016 02:29 PM

These teams definitely go through millions in expenses, but hey, that's what motorsports is all about. Tons of money thrown in, sometimes all disappears within the first lap..

RedNSX 07-14-2016 10:02 AM

There's plenty of sponsors to go around and foot most of the bill. That's why we see race cars slathered in logos.

Was looking at the WeatherTech Championship competition general summary and cars race in four classes:

Prototype (P)
Prototype Challenge (PC)
GT Le Mans (GTLM)
GT Daytona (GTD)

Which class would the NSX be in?

|\|SX 07-14-2016 03:26 PM

It would be interesting to see how much comes from sponsors compared to the car maker, but fact is for the car maker its another form of R&D since often what they discover here benefit a production version of that model or models lower than it. Plus Acura has been boring for a while, little things like this help to show they're ready to be serious again.

Shawn 07-18-2016 04:59 PM

It won't be Prototype or Prototype Challenge as they use completely different body styles. If the car is set up for GT3, They could qualify for the GTLM and GTD though I believe

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